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Luxury Tours in France

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Chauffeured tour itinerary in 14 days

city of avignon
City of Avignon
It is my pleasure to welcome you to your private tour of the South-East of France. I am Claudio, your driver-guide on this tour in France which begins and ends in Nice and is 14 days long. For your trip I recommend the following highlights: the magnificent deep blue waters of Cote d'Azur, Monaco and the luxury Monte Carlo casino, romantic walks on the paved streets of medieval Cereste, the spectacular views of the limestone cliffs from the Ardeche gorge, your own tour guidethe impressive natural architecture of the underground cave in Grotte des Demoiselles and the panoramic views from Corniche de l'Esterel.

I am happy to personally customize this privately guided tour to suit your needs including lengthening or shortening it. Before or after this tour, I recommend our Paris tours and other tours in France.

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Provence and French Riviera
Luxury tour in Provence and French Riviera Provence is a region in France which plays host to the French Riviera. This beautiful Mediterranean coastline stretches for over 71 miles and is one of the homes of tourism in France. Provence isn't just about lazy days on the beach however, there is so much to do here that it's unbelievable.

You have the beautiful city of Nice to visit as well as the principality of Monaco, a sovereign state located right in the heart of the French Riviera. You can also visit the fascinating city of Avignon or the ancient Roman city of Cereste. On top of all of this you have picturesque views throughout your travels through the South-East of France. Many people delight in visiting the location of one of the most famous Movie festivals in the world; Cannes. Others take delight in visiting the mountains and carrying out the numerous scenic tours of France.

There is so much to do in Provence that you will have a real job fitting it all in. It is suggested that you hire a private chauffeur who will accompany you throughout your trip and show you the best that the area has to offer, you will not waste time visiting locations that aren't worth seeing, your vacation will feel much more complete with your chauffeur taking you to the places that are must sees.
Cannes, south east of France Nice, Cannes, Monaco, Corniche, Menton, Castellane, Moustiers Sainte-Marie, Roussillon, Sénanque Abbey, Fontaine sur Vaucluse, Mont Ventoux, Isle sur la Sorgue, Avignon, Orange, Ardèche gorge, Rozier, Aven Armand, Ganges, Nîmes, Pont du Gard, Baux de Provence, Arles, Camargue, Marseilles, Toulon, Lavandou, Fréjus, Saint-Raphaël
Tour starts and ends in : Nice
southeast of france map guide
Tour duration in days : 14

Best tour dates :
Days Itinerary
Nice - Saint-Michel - Saint-Jean Cap Ferrat
Travel to Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat; located on a peninsula in Southern France and a favourite holiday destination for its tranquillity and warm climate.
Experience a personally guided tour of the city of Nice and view its monuments including the 17th century Baroque architecture of the Cathedral Sainte-Reparate. Then, visit the warm, tranquil Saint-Jean Cap Ferrat.
custom tour franceYour tour begins with your personal A La Carte France Tours driver-guide collecting you from your Nice accommodation or Nice International airport, and taking you to discover the Baroque city of Nice, the magnificent capital of Cote d'Azur. Here you can experience a walk along the city's waterfront, or view the 17th century Baroque architecture of the Cathedrale Sainte-Reparate. Continue on to Palais Lascaris, a 17th century monument of Baroque civilian architecture and see the monumental staircase adorned with frescoes as well as luxuriously decorated rooms. Also visit the Cathedrale Saint-Nicolas, a Russian Orthodox cathedral which opened in 1912 and showcases unique and breathtaking Russian religious architecture including colourful grand domes and treasure-trove interiors. Then, head east from Nice to reach Plateau Saint-Michel with your private minivan for a spectacular view of Nice and the Bay of Angels. Two nights in Saint-Jean Cap Ferrat.

L D H*
Saint-Jean Cap Ferrat - Monaco - Corniche - Saint-Jean Cap Ferrat
Tour Monaco, one of the smallest and most densely populated countries in the world.
Your driver-guide will take you to visit Monaco, the smallest monarchy in the world. Here you can visit the Musee Oceanographique de Monaco and the mixture of medieval and modern architecture at the Palais Princier de Monaco.
travel with your own chauffeurSpend the day in Monaco, the second smallest monarchy in the world, headed by Prince Albert II. Your personal A La Carte France tour guide will take you to Musee Oceanographique de Monaco to view and learn about caring for sharks, turtles and other marine beings. From here, visit the Romanesque-Byzantine cathedral, Saint Nicholas Cathedral de Monaco and view the graves of the Grimaldis including Prince Rainier III and Grace Kelly, parents of the current monarch. Continue on to view the mixture of medieval and modern architecture at the Palais Princier de Monaco, the official residence of the Prince, and visit the glamorous Monte Carlo Casino, with its impressive facade, various table games and slot machines. Next, your guide will drive you down the three Corniche sister roads, Grande Corniche (the highest coastal road), Moyenne Corniche (middle coastal road) and Basse Corniche (lowest coastal road), allowing you to experience a panoramic view of the Mediterranean sea and landscapes. Second night in Saint-Jean Cap Ferrat.

B L D H*
Saint-Jean Cap Ferrat - Plan du Var - Castellane - Moustier Sainte-Marie
Grand Canyon du Verdon is formed by the Verdon River, and offers spectacular views.
Enjoy a personally guided drive across the Provence landscape and view the Grand Canyon du Verdon; the French version of Arizona's Grand Canyon.
luxury vacation tour in franceToday you will experience Saint Martin-Vesubie, a medieval mountain village located on the curve of Mercantour National Park. Here you can enjoy a gentle walk through the protected landscape and encounter magnificent rushing mountain rivers, waterfalls, and surrounding forests. From here your private tour guide can take you to visit the nearby Madonne d'Utelle where you can experience a sanctuary originally built by shipwrecked sailors in the 9th century, and see exceptional views of the French Riviera, the Eastern and Northern Alps. Your custom guided tour then heads to Castellane for a spectacular view of the Grand Canyon du Verdon; the French version of Arizona's Grand Canyon. Overnight in Moustier Sainte-Marie area.

B L D H*
Moustier Sainte-Marie - Roussillon - Isle sur la Sorgue
Take a guided tour of the Old village of Cereste.
Travel with your guide to the Roman era village of Cereste and view the many medieval houses that line the paved streets and the 19th century bell tower that stands in the square.
vacation luxury tourToday you can experience a personally guided tour of the 12th century ruins of the Priory of Carluc. Here you can find the remains of a Roman chapel, and other ancient relics from the Roman period including tombs and a potter's oven. From here, travel to the charming village of Cereste where you can observe the many medieval houses that line the paved streets. Your A La Carte France Tours driver-guide will then take you to the scenic Roussillon, a small village where you can visit Le Sentier des Ocres and see the yellow, orange and red ochre deposits that make up the landscape. You can also visit the Abbaye Notre-Dame de Senanque, a medieval Cistercian abbey founded in 1148 and famed for the Provence lavender fields and the Gothic tomb of Lord Geoffroy of Venasque. Three nights in tranquil Isle sur la Sorgue.

B L D H*
Isle sur la Sorgue - Mont Ventoux - Isle sur la Sorgue
Mont Ventoux is the largest mountain in Provence, famous for its use in the Tour de France cycling race.
Travel with your A La Carte France tours driver guide for spectacular views across the landscape from Mont Ventoux; one of the highest peaks in the Alps and often referred to as the Giant of Provence.
vacation holiday in franceToday your A La Carte France guide will take you on a private tour of one of the highest peaks of the Alps, Mont Ventoux. Renowned as the "Giant of Provence", this is an UNESCO protected natural reserve and is a popular venue among cyclists and is part of the Tour de France. Here you can visit the Chapelle Saint-Croix, built in the 15th century, and replaced in 1956 to serve as shelter for pilgrims, and see vineyards, olive orchards, lavender fields, and exceptional views of the Northern Alps and Mediterranean sea. Second night in Isle sur la Sorgue.

B L D H*
Isle sur la Sorgue - Avignon - Orange - Isle sur la Sorgue
Limousine tour to Avignon, where 7 Popes  resided.
Experience a guided tour of the city of Avignon and enjoy its range of impressive monuments including the Gothic Palais des Papes and the Romanesque style Cathedrale d'Avignon.
travel with limoEnjoy an A La Carte France guided tour of Avignon, a city known for the seven French Popes who resided here to escape the corruption of the Vatican in the 14th century, and visit the Gothic Palais des Papes, a grand, expansive, historical landmark built in 1355. Nearby, experience the provençal Romanesque style Cathedrale d'Avignon and view the gilded statue of the Virgin Mary, and the tombs the Avignon Popes. Alternatively, you may wish to see the 12th century Pont d'Avignon, which was partly destroyed 40 years after its construction by massive flooding. Your personal driver-guide will then take you to the city of Orange, just a few miles north of Avignon. Here you can see the ornate carvings showing the conquests of Augustus on the Triumphal Arch, and ancient Roman Theatre, built during the Augustan period. Third night in Isle sur la Sorgue.

B L D H*
Isle sur la Sorgue - Ardèche Gorge - Vallon Pont d'Arc
Your driver guide will take you past the long, peaceful Ardeche river..
Enjoy a private tour to the Ardeche river nature reserve with your driver guide and experience the overhanging roads, caverns, canyons and gorges that make up this unique limestone landscape.
touring in france with private guideToday your private A La Carte France Tours guide will take you to the spectacular Ardeche River, a notable nature reserve in the Rhone-Alps famed for its vertiginous, wild and magnificent gorges. Travel along overhanging roads where you can experience a panoramic view of this wondrous site. Alternatively, you may prefer to explore more of the river through canoeing or kayaking. Your guide will take you safely to the river where you can see caves, caverns, holes and canyons as well as the natural stone bridge of Pont d'Arc, also an excellent spot for swimming. Overnight in Vallon Pont d'Arc area.

B L D H*
Vallon Pont d'Arc - Florac - Rozier
Travel past Chaos de Montpellier le Vieux.
Travel with your private driver guide through the unique landscape past the Chaos de Montpellier le Vieux ; a rock formation created by rainwater erosion over the Causse Noir dolomite rock.
tour with private guideToday your driver will take you through the Gorges du Tarn, a picturesque network of plunging canyons with steep cliffs slicing through sparkling blue-green water. Experience an A La Carte France escorted tour of the medieval village of Sainte-Enimie, Saint Chely-du-Tarn and the magical fairytale Chateau de La Caze, a Renaissance castle converted into a hotel. From here, you will head southwards to Chaos de Montpellier le Vieux, an amazing landscape of water erosion on the Causse Noir dolomite rock. This unique and fascinating site can be explored by foot or on a mini-train. Overnight in Rozier area.

B L D H*
Rozier - Aven Armand - Ganges
Your personal guide will take you to Grotte des Demoiselles; a large cave in the Herault valley.
Travel to Grotte des Demoiselles in the Thaurac plateau; a gigantic underground cave formed by the collapse of overlying limestone, and dug out by water erosion. This is the site of a natural cathedral where you will find a statue of the Virgin and Child.
tour with private driverToday, your luxury guided A La Carte France tour takes you to the Cevennes National Park. Your first stop here is the Aven Armand cave which was discovered in 1897 and is as big as the Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris. Travel 170-feet beneath the ground and experience the many sparkling stalagmites. Continue on to Mont Aigoual, one of the highest peaks in the Cevennes National Park and enjoy a panoramic view of high limestone plateaus and valleys. Another must-see is the Cirque de Navacelles, a deep circular basin carved into an incised meander which contains a beautiful river flowing beneath overhanging trees, and provides a magnificent view of the buildings of the Navacelles village from its rims. Your final stop is Grotte des Demoiselles, a gigantic underground natural cathedral in the depths of the Thaurac plateau where you will find an enormous concretion, reminiscent of the statue of the Virgin and Child. Overnight in Ganges.

B L D H*
Ganges - Nîmes - Pont du Gard - Baux-de-Provence - Isle sur la Sorgue
Private tour to Pont du Gard; an ancient Roman aqueduct bridge.
Your driver guide will take you to see the ancient Pont du Gard; an aqueduct bridge built in the 1st century to import water from a spring to the town. This impressive structure is one of the few remaining Roman aqueducts.
tour in france with styleEnjoy a guided tour of the medieval Roman city of Nimes, a city surrounded by garrigues vegetation and the swamps of the Petite Camargue. Your A La Carte France tour of this city will allow you to view a range of ancient Roman remains including the Maison Carree (one of the world's best preserved Roman temples), the Temple of Diana, the Tour Magnes at the top of Jardins de la Fontaine, and the 1st Century AD Pont du Gard; one of few remaining Roman aqueducts. You can also enjoy a tour of the medieval village of Baux-de-Provence and view the ruins of the Citadelle des Baux including the saracen towers, the keep, chapel, and remenants of old war weapons. Two nights in Isle sur la Sorgue.

B L D H*
Isle sur la Sorgue - Arles - Camargue - Isle sur la Sorgue
Minivan tour to Arles and see its impressive Roman amphitheatre.
Experience a guided tour of Arles just for you, and view its range of Romanesque Monuments including the arena and the amphitheatre; one of the earliest Roman monuments built in 90 Ad.
guided tour in franceToday your A La Carte France tour guide will take you to experience Arles, an ancient Roman city which was once home to the post-Impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh. Here you can see Romanesque Monuments dating back to the first century BC including the arena, the Roman theatre and the cryptoporticus. From here, your tour will take you to The Camargue, a region renowed for its native flora and fauna, and the 400 species of birds which inhabit the area. Second night in Isle sur la Sorgue.

B L D H*
Isle sur la Sorgue - Marseilles - La Ciotat
Marseilles is the second largest city in France. Its old port dates back to antiquity.
Your A la Carte France tour guide will take you to the city of Marseilles where you can experience the old port, walk along 19th century streets, and visit an assortment of fresh fish markets.
private touring in franceExperience a private A La Carte France tour of Marseilles, a port city historically recognised for being a centre of trade and immigration since early Phoenician times. Here you can enjoy a stroll down its stepped 19th century streets and visit one of the many fish markets on the Vieux port. From here, your driver-guide will take you along the route des Cretes from Cassis to La Ciotat, where you can experience panoramic views of Provence including the Cassis and the Soubeyran coastal cliffs, Cap Canaille, and the rocky mediterranean Calanques in the distance. Overnight in La Ciotat.

B L D H*
La Ciotat - Toulon - Fréjus
Travel to Les Sablettes; a pebble beach lined with colourful houses.
Travel through Menton with your driver guide and enjoy the beaches of this area including the sheltered Les Sablettes where you can relax in the sunshine and experience mountain views.
private limo tourToday your A La Carte France tours driver-guide will take you to one of France's main naval bases; Toulon bay. Here you can view landmarks such as the marine cemetery, the old shipyards of the port of La Seyne sur Mer, and the Naval museum. Visit the sheltered Les Sablettes beach and travel through the Le Lavandou region; an area named for its abundance of lavender. Then, continue on to the ancient Roman city and military port of Frejus, a city founded by Julius Caesar in 49BC where you can view an array of monumenets dating back to the 1st century BC. Overnight in Frejus area.

B L D H*
Fréjus - Saint-Raphaël - Cannes - Nice
Travel along Corniche de l'Esterel; a small, yet spectacular cliff road  overlooking the Mediterranean.
Experience unique landscape views as your own driver guide take you through the Esterel mountains along the Corniche de l'Esterel; a cliff road built amongst red porphyry rocks and one of the oldest French roads.
private guideExperience a guided drive along the Corniche de l'Esterel; one of the oldest French roads. This journey will take you along the Esterel mountains and allow you to enjoy spectacular views of the natural landscape. The unique, red porphyry rock is lined with various swimming holes and coves, and, from your private limousine your A La Carte France tours guide will point out landmarks including the Pointe Esquillon and the rocky Cap Roux opposite the Golden Island. From here your driver will drop you off at Nice International airport as you have now reached the end of your tour of Provence. Au revoir et bon voyage, honorés voyageurs.

B L*
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Baux de Provence
Baux de Provence For centuries, on this striking site, the Lords of the Baux established their power and imposed their rule over all of Provence. Baux is perched atop a cliff that overlooks in hospitable marshes and watches over the Alpilles hills. Over the centuries it has been a place of refuse and surveillance and has always been a true eagle's next a protected and populated hideaway. There are many ancient traces of present human presence here,including remnants of the Fairies' Grotto, The Oppidum des Bringasses (a hilltop fort), a Celtic cemetery on the Vayède hillside, and sculptures of the Tremaie.
Provence, lavenders The Provençal mas is characterised by the simplicity of its volumes and the sobriety of its materials; the architecture, untouched by fashion, keeps all its charm in the countryside. The agricultural activity of Provence is above all orientated towards early crops, fruits and vines. Vines cover the slopes of every favourable area. Provence is also an orchard; the Lubéron in Spring is a bouquet of flowers, cherries, plums, apricots, peaches and apples grow on every side. Honey production remains also an activity connected with the perfume of the flowers of Provence. The orchards, the hillsides and lavender are the allies of the bees for the garnishing of the honeycombs.